Top 5 Tips for Washing Gym Towels

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If you frequent your local gym, you'll know the significance of having a towel within reach. Whether you're pushing through a high-intensity spin class or powering through your strength training, copious sweating is inevitable, and you're likely to depart with a soaked towel in hand.

Do you relate to this? In the wake of a global pandemic, maintaining cleanliness, both for yourself and the equipment, is paramount. In this blog, we're unveiling our top 5 laundry tips for gym towels, so continue reading to learn more!

1. Frequent Washing to Be Bacteria-free

Although the gym may appear to be clean, it harbors a significant amount of unseen dirt and contaminants. Whenever you clean exercise equipment or wipe away perspiration, your towel will inevitably accumulate these invisible bacteria. While many individuals may experience breakouts or irritation from this exposure, some could even develop more severe infections as a result.

Professionals advise washing your gym towel after EACH use. If you're unable to adhere to such a frequent washing routine, consider purchasing a few additional towels that you can alternate between for each workout session!

2. Say Goodbye to Fabric Softeners

While it might be tempting to use an excess amount of fabric conditioner on your gym towel when frequently wiping your face, this practice can lead to an overdose of oils that can coat the towel fibers and reduce their absorbency. As a result, your reliable towel may indeed have a more pleasant scent, but it won't effectively absorb your sweat as required.

3. Use Baking Soda & White Vinegar

If you're determined to enhance the fragrance and softness of your favorite gym towel, it's time to explore your pantry and retrieve two common items: baking soda and white vinegar. Baking soda serves as a booster and conditioner, while vinegar effectively deodorizes and eliminates unwanted bacteria!

Here's the proper way to utilize them for best results:

To ensure your towels are exceptionally soft and fluffy, incorporate a few scoops of baking soda into your regular detergent.

Choose your typical washing cycle (preferably a warmer one) and press the start button.

Pause the washing machine between the wash and rinse cycle, introduce a small quantity of white vinegar (about ⅓ of a cup should suffice), and let it complete the rinse. If your washing machine doesn't allow you to pause mid-cycle, you can pour the white vinegar into the fabric softener tray, which will dispense it during the rinse cycle.

Pro Tip: Never combine baking soda and vinegar simultaneously. Their reaction can lead to undesirable results, so it's best to avoid it, take our word for it.

4. Choose a Warm Washing Cycle

Although most clothing benefits from a cooler wash to preserve both the fabric and the environment, gym towels require a more robust approach. Heat stands as one of the most efficient methods for eradicating mold and bacteria, making it essential to increase the wash temperature during your next towel cleaning cycle.

5. Use an Ozone Laundry System

The primary objective when washing gym towels is to eliminate the bacterial threat, and what better way to do it than with ozone? This highly efficient solution is often referred to as nature's disinfectant, as it results from a natural chemical reaction capable of eradicating bacteria up to 3,200 times faster than chlorine bleach.

Using ozone laundry not only maintains the utmost cleanliness of your gym towels but also guarantees they have a fresher scent than ever before.

And with that, we've wrapped up our useful compilation of laundry tips to ensure your gym towels stay fresh, absorbent, and free from bacteria! Ozone laundry has a better washing and disinfection effect than traditional washing chemicals. Moreover, thanks to the powerful bactericidal effect of ozone water, choosing ozone laundry will save you a significant amount of money previously spent on conventional laundry methods.

For further insights and guidance, visit O3EcoLaundry as well as our Blog today and become a laundry expert!

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