Eco Ozone Laundry System


Ease of use

100% Natural

Made in China

How It Works

1. Water enters from the intake pipe of the eco ozone laundry system. After being processed by a magnetizer, it flows into the pipe in the system.
2. Air enters the built-in  ozone generator after being dried by the desiccant. It outputs O3 continuously in the wash cycle.
3. The O3 will then be dissolved into the water by two injectors.
4. A check valve is installed to prevent water from entering the ozone generator. The system also has a static mixer to further improve the mixing of O3 and water.
5. The ozonated water with its concentration up to 0.5mg/L has now be generated.
It will be conveyed to washing machines, kitchens and toilets via 2 water outlets at the bottom.
"I purchased this eco ozone laundry system for home use not because I don’t want to use laundry detergent or hot water. I have teenagers. It is impossible to wash their clothes without long time soaking and using a lot of detergent. But long time soaking wears them out. Using this eco ozone laundry system saves time and reduce our costs on chemicals. It restores the softness and makes the laundry smells like nothing. I also wash my husband’s stinky FR clothing and smoky camping clothes. The odor’s gone after washed. I’d say it was about 20 minutes in total for the installation. It is amazing and I’d like to post it on our local groups."
-Amanda Acquaye


  • More eco-friendly laundry system
  • Kills over 99.99% of bacteria, mold, mildew and other pathogens
  • Works 3000 times faster than bleach
  • Removes clothing odors
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Shorter drying time
  • A reduce or even no use of hot water
  • Shorter wash cycles
  • Removes calcium, magnesium ions that can lead to water hardness
  • Eliminate the use of chemicals and acids in traditional wash cycle
  • Restore softness of the clothing
  • Help extend fabric life
  • Easy and fast installation


This Eco Ozone Laundry System can be can be fastened to the wall directly behind and above the washing machine.

1. Mount the attached mounting bracket of the Eco Ozone Laundry System on the wall with the anchor screws and make sure it is horizontal. A tilted installation may affect the later operation.
2. There are 3 sockets located on the backside of the system. Carefully slide down the system aligning the 3 sockets onto the metal plate.
3. The system should be securely hung now.
4. Turn off the cold water faucet located near your washing machine.
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Ozone Eco Laundry System

Eco Ozone Laundry System

  • Kill over 99.99% of pathogenic microbes
  • Super-fast sterilization efficiency
  • Reduce the cost in chemicals and hot water
  • Extend the lifespan of clothes

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