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1. Choose the desired location to mount your Ozone Laundry System. Be careful not to place the wall mounting bracket over hidden plumbing or electrical lines within the wall.
2. Position the included paper template on the wall using a level. Ensure that the template is properly positioned.
3. Screw the included self-tapping wall anchors into the positions marked on the template.

If you are screwing into a wooden wall stud, the metal wall anchor is not needed. If you are not mounting the system to drywall, use different mounting hardware suitable for your wall type using the included screws.
4. Secure the wall mounting bracket to the wall.
5. Turn off the cold water tab using an adjustable wrench.

6. Remove the existing water supply hose connected to the cold water supply tap on one end and from your washing machine on the other.
7. Discard old hose.
8. Lay the Ozone Laundry System down on the scratch-free surface.

9. Use an adjustable wrench to connect the included steel hose from the cold water supply tap on the wall to the Cold Water Input on the Ozone Laundry System.
10. Connect the 2nd hose from the Output on the unit to the cold water IN fitting on your washing machine. Do not over tighten.
11. Lift the Ozone Laundry System and allow to slide down and sit over the secured wall mounting bracket. Make sure all hoses are not kinked.
12. Push the power adapter plug to the Ozone Laundry System and twist quarter turn to lock the plug into place.
13. Plug the power pack into a standard 120V electrical outlet.

14. Turn the cold water supply tap back on.
You can leave the existing hot water line as originally installed.

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