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How much ozone can the system produce?

Our ozone laundry system uses an ozone generator with it concentration at 0.5mg/L. The ozone gas generated will be dissolved into the water by dual injectors and a static mixer.

Is ozone laundry system safe for color?

Yes. Most colored fabrics do not fade when washed with water containing ozone. In rare cases, fading can occur with organic dyes and dyes with improper colorfastness.

Do I need to separate color clothes and white clothes?

No. As long as they have been washed before, you can wash them with white clothes.

Can Ozone laundry be used for washing colored linens?

Ozone could be used for the washing of colored linens. Since ozone is a strong oxidant, it will fade dye colors to a certain extent. This is also normal since almost all clothes fade during commercial laundry and drying.

Can the ozone laundry system clean washable baby diapers?

Yes. But it also depends on your washing machine and how much water you use. If your washing machine is a new one with reduced water restrictions, it will often not work as well as an older top loader that can use enough water to submerge diapers and agitate them. What’s important is that it requires more water. If your washing machine can use enough water, then our ozone laundry system can provide enough ozone for effective cleaning. Feedback from our users is that ozone laundry destroys ammonia odor and leaves the diaper smelling fresh. The use of ozone avoids the use of laundry detergent, which can significantly reduce the likelihood of diaper rashes.

Is it harmful to wash sheets with ozone water?

Linens may be severely weakened by the exposure to ozone. However, compared with traditional hot water washing, ozone cold water washing can improve textile strength.

Will ozone cause the fading or damage of personal clothes?

We have been using ozone in many healthcare applications, where personal clothing is washed in cold water in ozone water. So far we have received no reports of faded or damaged clothing caused by ozone.

Is an extra rinse cycle necessary?

Yes. An extra cold water rinse cycle is recommended if possible. This is particularly useful for low flow high efficiency machines that use very little water in the wash and rinse cycle.

Can the system use well, soft or hard water?

Ozone laundry system can adapt to most water chemistries. In some cases, it is recommended to use a pre-filter or conditioner to better protect water-related appliances and fixtures, as it increases their lifespan.

Can ozone and cold water achieve a good disinfection effect?

According to feedbacks from our customers in ozone healthcare applications, ozone is an excellent disinfectant when it is applied at the right levels. A lot of data will support this.

Can fabric softener be used in the wash cycle or the dryer?

Yes. Compared to chemical detergents and fabric softeners, ozone laundry not only makes clothes cleaner, it also makes them suppler. Experiments have shown that clothes washed with ozone can become more voluminous without the use of softeners. If you like the scent of the softener, you can still use a small amount in your laundry.

Do I still need to use laundry detergent?

No. When using an ozone laundry system, you no longer need to use laundry detergent or fabric softeners.

Can I use laundry detergent if I want?

Yes. You can still use laundry detergent if you want. If you still like the smell of traditional detergents, you can use a small amount of them. It is important to note that if you want to use softener, it is recommended to use it in a dryer rather than your washing machine.

Why is there less dryer lint after using the system?

Ozone laundry systems make washing easier by combining ozone with organic pollutants on clothing. As a result, the fibers in clothing will suffer less damage than if they were used with chemical detergents. With chemical detergents, you'll see more lint, which means more damage to the clothing.

Why can ozone shorten the drying time of clothes?

There are several theories for the reason why this happens. One theory is that ozone leaves less compounds on clothing, causing more water retention. Another opinion is that the probability of occurrence of abrasion issues in the cold water wash is lower. It has also been believed that ozone can reduce the drying time because it has a Brownian effect on water tension.

Since there is ozone cold water laundry, is hot water still necessary?

For washing things like sheets and towels, it is okay to use cold water. However, hot water will be a necessity for washing items such as rags. This is because rags often contain a certain amount of grease and oils. They will not be affected when washed with cold water, and can only be melted when the water reach a certain level of temperature.

What is the appropriate concentration of ozone for ozone laundry?

We believe that an ozone concentration at 0.5 ppm in ozone water will be the best level for laundry. This is also the concentration of ozone water generated by our ozone laundry system.

Why is the system better for my families’ health?

Ozone laundry can replace the use of traditional chemical detergents. In a traditional laundry process, the residue of chemical detergents is difficult to remove completely from clothes. They can get into your skin. Many of the chemicals in detergents are toxic and may result in cancer or birth defects.

Can water from the system be used for washing pets?

Yes. Ozonated water produced by the ozone laundry system can be used to clean pets.

How long can the system last and how do I know if it's working or not?

The system can be expected to last about 3-5 years. If there is no fresh smell when the clothes are taken out after washed, it means it is no longer working. In this case, you can contact our service center. We will be available for refurbishing.

Is the water from the system potable?

No. As it has not been tested or certified, it is not recommended to drink ozone water from the ozone laundry system.

What is the function of the mixer window?

The mixer window of the ozone laundry system shows the position of the static mixer. Through this window, you can see bubbles and water flow. There will be a blue backlight while the system is working.

Will the ozone laundry system release ozone to into the air?

Ozone laundry systems work by generating ozone and dissolving it into water. Unlike an ozone generator that is used for disinfection and odor removal, they do not produce ozone with its concentration high enough to be harmful to human respiratory system. You may smell ozone while it is working. This is normal and indicates that the system is working normally. Once the laundry process is over, the ozone smell will dissipate as the clothes dry. If you have a front load washing machine, you probably won't smell ozone at all. Because it has a waterproof seal that can prevent the potential leakage.

I can smell the ozone when the system is working. Is it bad for me?

No. You may smell some ozone while the system is working. But the ozone laundry system produces ozone at a very low concentration that are not harmful to the respiratory systems of humans or pets. You can also notice a residual ozone smell in freshly washed clothes. It will dissipate very quickly.

How can the system reduce pollution?

Ozone laundry eliminates the need for chemical detergents, so that they will not enter the groundwater system. Ozone laundry also reduces the need for hot water and thus reducing the environmental pollution problems caused by burning natural gas, coal, etc. Ozone laundry also avoids the wearing and tearing that traditional laundry does on clothing fibers, which can reduce their removal from clothing and into nearby aquatic environments. This avoids microfiber pollution. In the United States alone, using ozone can prevent the disposal of hundreds of millions of plastic laundry jugs each year.

Does ozone harm washing machines?

Gas-phase ozone is more corrosive than ozone dissolved in water. Some systems directly injects ozone gas into the washing machine, thus causing damage to the washing machine. In the past many years, there has been no known case of ozone dissolved in water causing damage to any washing machines.

How can money be saved by using the system?

By using an ozone laundry system, you can save money on electrically heated water and chemical detergents. According to the Department of Energy and the American Laundry Association, a family of four will do 6-8 times of laundry a week, saving an estimated $500 to $800 a year.

Is the system durable?

Yes. This ozone laundry system is designed and manufactured for long-term use. Its shell is made of durable ABS engineering plastic and its internal pipes are made of food-grade ABS plastic. Food-grade silicone tubes were also used in the system to achieve a good ozone resistance.

Is the system compatible with any washing system?

Yes. Whether it is a front load washer or a top load washer, this ozone laundry system can work well with it.

Is ozone laundry a new technology?

No. In fact, ozone has been used in some hospitals and hotels for years by using large equipment. Our ozone laundry system makes it possible to use ozone for laundry at home.

What is the difference between a direct ozone system and an indirect ozone system?

A direct ozone system mixes the gas ozone into the washing machine through a bubbling method. This kind of system can be very effective for small washing machines. But as the size of the washing machine increases, applying the right level of ozone will become more and more difficult. In an indirect ozone system, which means a dissolved ozone system, ozone gas will be dissolved in the water before the water enters the washing machine. The advantage of this method is that a proper operation of the system and an appropriate level of ozone can be ensured. It can be used to provide convenience for both small and large washing machines.

Will ozone laundry cause any danger?

All chemicals used in laundry can be dangerous to the human body. Ozone is also no exception. Ozone is a strong oxidant with strong corrosion. Too much exposure to ozone in the air can cause headaches and/or nausea in people who are within the environment. The good news is that ozone has a distinctive smell, which makes it quickly noticeable if it is excessive in clothing. Ozone laundry will give clothes a freshening smell after they are washed, and the smell will gradually disappear as they are dried. A high concentration of ozone can be easily noticed, which similar to how the nose reacts to chlorine gas. For safety, we ensure that our ozone laundry system meets OSHA standards.

Do I need to hire a plumber or an electrician for the installation of the system?

No. Many people can easily finish the installation by themselves. The system can be mounted directly on the wall near the washing machine. It has a mounting bracket and a set of water pipes. The installation usually takes about 20 minutes.

Is maintenance or parts required later?

Yes, but very little. The ozone laundry system is designed to be very convenient and efficient. Except for the desiccant which should be replaced when it gets pink, there will not be any replacement in the use of the system.

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