Ease of use

100% Natural

Made in China

Ozone Concentration

In contrast to the higher concentration of ozone required for disinfection and odor removal, this eco ozone laundry system can maintain a proper ozone level for laundry needs without posing any risks. It will effectively avoid and control the emission, release and spread of ozone and avoid human inhalation, skin absorption and ingestion in your home. By doing so, this eco ozone laundry system can provide with the consumers a new and ecological home laundry experience without any health concern.

12V DC Safe Voltage

This ozone laundry system is powered by 12V DC safe voltage, which is absolutely safe for all home members.

Hall Switch

The system uses a hall switch to control the power on and off. It works by changing the circuit state inside the switch. Compared with a mechanical switch, it has a much longer service life for its low power consumption, high response frequency and no wearing.

1-Step Formed Water Pipes

The internal water pipes of this ozone laundry system is manufactured by a 1-step forming process, which significantly reduces the number of connections. This eliminates the user's concern about any potential leakage at home. It also has a better adaptability to temperature changes.

Check Valves

Check valves are installed in front of the dual injectors in the system to prevent the backflow of water. By doing this, the possibility of water backflow to the ozone generator and damage to other components can be avoided.


A microswitch is installed at the intake of this ozone laundry system. It ensures that the system can be automatically switched on when airflow is detected without manual operation from the user.

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