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Working Principle

Ozone laundry system works automatically by detecting waterflow. When it is working, the water flow into the system will first be processed by a magnetizer. This will prevent the minerals in the water from scaling up in the pipe later. The air entering the system will first be dehydrated by a desiccant before it enters the built-in ozone generator. The O3 that has been generated will then be dissolved into the water by dual injectors. They are capable of dissolving 85-90% of ozone into water quickly and stably. To prevent the water from flowing back, each injector has a check valve installed. Next, a static mixer will further improve the mixing of O3 and water and ensure that the final ozonated water has an ozone concentration up to 0.5 mg/L. Then, the ozonated water will flow out of the system from the dual water outlets in the bottom and go to the kitchen, the toilet, and other places where it will be used.
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Great Effect of Ozone Eco Laundry

Using ozone can lead to a more environment-friendly way of laundry. Unlike traditional laundry with chemical detergents, ozone eco laundry can function as a super bactericide even in cold water. EPA and FDA states that ozone can destroy 99.9992% of all the pathogens on the clothes for home laundry. It is good for linens and utilities when you don’t need to consider temperature. If necessary, the water temperature can also be appropriately increased to enhance wash process and provide more suitable conditions for the removal of stain. The gentle washing process in ozone eco laundry can extend the service life of linens. It will effectively sterilize the fabrics that were once not suitable for chemical decontamination, thus reducing the replacement costs.
Ozone removes harmful microbes such as MRSA that are widespread in athletic gear and hunting gear, resulting in better washing and odor removal. It is safe to use ozone to wash linens that have been in contact with oil. At lower temperature can ozone eco laundry be used to remove oil from linens a traditional washing process. Another benefit is that for heat sensitive micro-organisms, such as E. coli which can withstand a high temperature of +80℃, ozone can realize a thorough sterilization. Ozone eco laundry is also important for those establishments using communal linen facilities and those serving the most vulnerable for infection control.

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