Reasons Why Eco Ozone Laundry Systems Are Getting More and More Popular

Eco ozone laundry systems have gained popularity as a sustainable alternative to traditional laundering methods. By harnessing the power of ozone, a reactive gas, these systems effectively remove stains from laundry. Since the early 1990s, they have become widely adopted in large-scale business establishments, particularly prominent brand hotels across America and healthcare centers in the UK. Experience the eco-friendly and efficient approach to laundry with ozone-based laundry systems.

In 2010, the commercial use of eco ozone laundry systems saw a significant uptake, with over 2,000 units deployed in large-scale American clubs and hotels alone. Concurrently, in the UK, the adoption of these systems in hospitals and intensive care units has steadily become a standard health protocol since 2009. The approval of the United Kingdom's Health Protection Agency and Department of Health has further solidified the recognition of eco ozone laundry systems as an effective and endorsed solution. Join the growing trend towards sustainable laundry practices in both the hospitality and healthcare sectors.

The eco ozone laundry system industry is booming due to the rising popularity of smaller ozone generators in households. The following are the 3 reasons:

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Disinfecting Abilities

Since 1906, ozone has been utilized for the purification of drinking water due to its exceptional reactivity with impurities, particularly pathogens, found in water. The molecules of ozone gradually enhance the oxidation of the outer membrane, leading to the complete disintegration of pathogens. This longstanding application of ozone continues to ensure the purity of drinking water today.

Consider ozone molecules as ants attracted to sugar: just as ants eagerly seek out food to nibble on, ozone molecules are constantly searching for substances to react with before decomposing into oxygen, a process that occurs effortlessly. Like a swarm of blue ants converging on a sugar cube, ozone molecules react with their targets until nothing remains, leaving behind only the pure oxygen.

Lab tests conducted in 2004-2005 at OTEX revealed that ozone laundry is significantly more effective in killing deadly microorganisms compared to standard bleach. Specifically, when tested against MRSA and E. coli on clothes, ozone wash demonstrated superior results compared to a regular 40°C wash. While the heated wash samples still contained substantial traces of thriving bacteria, the ozone wash samples showed complete elimination of all microorganisms, leaving no survivors behind.

Last May 2010, the same company conducted a telephone survey of 317 health care facilities in the UK to assess the effectiveness of installed eco ozone laundry systems on a larger health scale. The survey revealed that 54% of the facilities observed a decrease in hospital diseases after implementing ozone laundering, while 25% reported a reduction in sick leave among staff members.

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Cost Efficiency Benefits

Eco ozone laundry systems offer significant cost savings for hotels due to their cold water operation and reduced spin cycles. In addition to superior disinfection, these systems enhance fabric whitening and prolong the lifespan of sheets. By minimizing or eliminating detergent usage, the savings can reach up to 70-90%, encompassing labor, water, and detergent costs when compared to traditional washing methods.

To provide a concrete example, consider an average 800-bed hotel in the UK. By implementing ozone washing generators, the hotel could save up to £21,275 in laundry expenses per week, totaling approximately £85,100 per month.

For an average 600-bed hotel in America, the total savings on water consumption alone amount to approximately $48,971 per year. When factoring in savings on labor and detergent, the total savings exceed $1 million. With such significant savings, the investment in these generators can be recouped in less than 2 years, resulting in substantial cost savings for the hotel.

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Sustainability Advantages

With its ability to reduce spin cycles and minimize or eliminate the use of soap, an eco ozone laundry system offers numerous environmental benefits. These include enhanced soil oxidation, balanced pH levels in water, and improved oxygen supply in beaches. The industry continually strives to develop innovative methods that make laundry practices more environmentally friendly, ensuring that washing clothes has a minimal impact on the environment.

By reducing water and energy consumption, the eco ozone laundry system significantly minimizes the environmental impact of washing clothes, particularly concerning laundry detergents. This reduction has a profound effect on coastal damage, as the harmful substances in detergents can lead to the disintegration of oil spills in the sea. However, it is crucial to recognize that traditional laundry practices involving bleach and fabric softeners pose a significant threat to thousands of coral reefs and endangered fish. These marine species suffer from inhalation and ingestion of water contaminated with such chemicals, leading to their demise.

The evolving Eco Ozone Laundry System brings us closer to a future where laundry detergent becomes obsolete, and the restoration of our oceans becomes a reality.