Ozone Laundry: What Is It and Why You Should Have A Try

Still wash your clothes in the way that has been using for thousands of years? If so, this is the time to make a change!

It is commonly believed that laundry requires hot water, excessive detergent, and prolonged washing cycles to ensure cleanliness. This notion held true in the past, but with the passing years, laundry technology has made significant strides, such as the creation of ozone laundry systems.

Ozone laundry is a wise practice to utilize the strong oxidation of ozonated water for home life. It offers a gentle yet effective cleaning solution that is also eco-friendly. It is a favored choice for high-end hotels that manage to maintain bright linens and fluffy towels even after numerous guests, thanks to the power of ozone wash.

Curious about the benefits of ozone for your family's laundry? Here's a brief explanation of how ozone laundry works and why it's a top-notch option for washing clothes. Plus, discover how Superior Laundry can assist you in experiencing the ozone advantage firsthand!

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How Ozone Works on Your Clothes

The laundering industry has been revolutionized by the emergence of ozone wash, which employs a potent oxidizing gas known as ozone. In an Eco Ozone Laundry System, ozone is generated by combining oxygen with electricity, after which it is dissolved in the washing water.

As the ozone water interacts with the organic substances in your laundry, it initiates a process of destruction (or "oxidation") of such materials. This includes bacteria, viruses, mold, and other microorganisms. Additionally, ozone dismantles many inorganic materials, such as soils and greases. As a result, water can more effectively eliminate these impurities from your laundry and rinse them away.

Advantages that Ozone Laundry Brings to Your Life

Compared to traditional washing, ozone laundry offers numerous advantages that even hot water washing cannot match. Here are some scientifically-proven reasons why ozone washing represents a superior laundry technique.

1. Ozone Provides a More Thorough Cleaning and Disinfection

The primary purpose of laundering is to cleanse your garments and linens. In that regard, ozone laundry surpasses traditional washing methods by accomplishing a much better cleaning outcome.

Ozone is a highly potent oxidizing agent, as it can eliminate microorganisms 3,000 times faster than bleach. This property makes ozone laundry highly beneficial, as it can shield you and your loved ones from viruses, bacteria, and mold that cause various illnesses and skin issues. The best part is that ozone laundry does not require the use of harsh chemicals or hot water; in fact, ozone works most effectively in cold water.

In a study conducted in the UK, researchers demonstrated the effectiveness of ozone laundry compared to hot water in killing 12 distinct bacterial strains. The hot water washing was performed at a temperature of 75°C (167°F), which is 4°C above the recommended disinfection temperature in the UK. After 15 minutes of hot water washing, three bacterial strains persisted, while all the bacteria were eliminated within three minutes of ozone laundry.

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We have introduced in our previous articles the Biological Benefits of Ozonated Water. Several other scientific studies have likewise demonstrated the potency of ozone. In one study, C. difficile spores, a widespread bacteria, were eradicated with just 2.5 minutes of ozone water exposure. Another study discovered that after only one ozone dosing, no evidence of E. coli, another common bacteria, could be detected. Additionally, a separate study revealed that MRSA, a staph bacteria, was completely eliminated following ozone laundry, whereas it still remained after hot-water washing.

Ozone laundry is so proficient in its disinfecting capabilities that numerous medical facilities, such as hospitals and nursing homes, have implemented ozone washing systems to combat difficult-to-eradicate "superbugs," such as C. difficile and MRSA.

2. Ozone Laundry Makes Clothes Softer and Smell Better

Another advantage of ozone's exceptional oxidizing capacity is its ability to serve as a potent deodorizer. The unpleasant smells in soiled laundry usually stem from specific organic and inorganic compounds. However, ozone can dismantle the molecular bonds of these compounds, resulting in a refreshing and clean fragrance.

In addition, ozone laundry enhances the softness of your laundry by eliminating calcium, magnesium ions, and other compounds that contribute to water hardness. Softer water results in a gentler fabric texture since it facilitates superior sudsing and more thorough rinsing.

Numerous scientific studies have documented the impacts of ozone laundry on fabric texture and odor. One study conducted at a hospital in Scotland compared a conventional washing system with an ozone laundry system. The results revealed that not only did the ozone wash provide more effective sanitization, but all personnel reported that their garments felt softer and had a more pleasant, invigorating fragrance.

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3. Ozone Laundry Prolongs Fabrics’ Service Life

Ozone is highly efficient in cleaning and can deliver excellent results with less heat, shorter wash cycles, and fewer chemicals. When ozone is used for laundry, it converts back to oxygen after its job is done, leaving no chemical residue on your clothes. Besides, research shows that ozone laundry removes moisture from clothes better than traditional washing, which means that they dry faster.

Choosing ozone laundry over traditional washing can lead to gentler cleaning, which ultimately reduces wear and tear on your clothes and linens, making them last longer.

4. Ozone Laundry is More Environment-friendly

Ozone laundry offers a significant advantage as a more environment-friendly option.

As previously mentioned, ozone laundry doesn't rely on hot water, making it more energy-efficient. Additionally, it requires fewer chemicals to achieve effective cleaning and sanitization, resulting in reduced wastewater and chemical discharge into the environment. This makes ozone wash a more environmentally-friendly choice.

While ozone is discharged as part of the laundering process, it can still be considered a "green" substance. This is due to the fact that any dissolved ozone in the laundry discharge water rapidly converts back to oxygen.

Ozone laundry can provide a positive impact on wastewater. This is because when ozone is discharged as a part of the laundry process, it can quickly convert back to oxygen, which can help in breaking down organic matter and assist in the sewage treatment process. Additionally, when ozone reacts with organic soils in the laundry, it oxidizes them, making the oxidized materials more biodegradable.

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