How Can Ozone Water Rescues Your Produce

ozone water

Eatting well gets easier. Fresh fruits and vegetables is crucial for maintaining a healthy diet since they supply our bodies with essential vitamins and nutrients. However, the produce available at grocery stores is often treated with harmful pesticides, which can offset the benefits of a nutritious diet. Moreover, the tap water used for cleaning these fruits and vegetables is highly chlorinated and may not be effective in breaking down the modern-day pesticides. Ozone water produced by an ozone generator can be used to treat tap water and turn it into effective water disinfectant.

Save Your Produce with Ozone Water

You don't need to make healthy eating complicated. With the ozone water, you can easily sanitize your fruits and vegetables while also extending their shelf life. All you need to do is to use ozone water to wash your produce. Using ozone water to wash your fruits, vegetables and meat offers several advantages:

  • The presence of aqueous ozone destroys pesticides and chemicals that are commonly utilized by farmers and food manufacturers. The oxidation process disintegrates their molecular bonds, rendering them harmless.
  • Ozone water does not leave any chemical residue on your produce, unlike chlorine that is present in your tap water.
ozone water
  • Ozone water not only eliminates mold and bacteria, but it also prevents their growth on your food, resulting in an improved shelf life. By using ozone water to spray your produce, you can extend its lifespan.

How Ozone Functions

Ozone (O3) is a naturally-occurring substance that exists in the atmosphere as a result of the combination of Oxygen atoms (O2) with singular Oxygen atoms (O). Lightning storms often create ozone, as the electrical charge from the lightning splits O2 molecules into individual O atoms, which then combine with O2 atoms to form O3.

Inside our Ozone Laundry System, the electrolytic cell causes a reaction where paired O2 atoms in the passing water are separated and subsequently recombine into O3. This resultant ozone, when combined with water, forms ozone water, a potent oxidizing agent capable of breaking down substances such as bacteria, viruses, mold, and stubborn stains.

The Only By-Products: Oxygen and Water

Once ozone water has finished breaking down the mess, it quickly reverts to oxygen and water in a matter of minutes. Whether you're wiping away a spill or sanitizing your food, ozone water is non-toxic and harmless to use around your family and pets. Our ozone laundry system can be applied for sanitizing all surfaces in commercial food service establishments. And ozone water can also be used directly onto finished or unfinished food items.

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