Benefits of Ozone Laundry Systems for Your Laundry Operations

ozone laundry

Using ozone laundry offers a multitude of advantages. When paired with the right wash programs, ozone laundry can lead to significant cost savings in operational expenses. It has the potential to reduce total cycle time, hot water consumption, and overall water usage, all while delivering outstanding results.

Understanding Ozone

Ozone laundry replaces the chemicals typically employed in the wash cycle with an eco-friendly ozone compound generated from a blend of oxygen and electricity. This mixture is directly injected into the machine, where it combines with the user's detergent and cold water. In contrast, conventional machines utilize a combination of hot water, alkali, detergent, acid, and bleach, along with various rinse cycles depending on the unit. Implementing ozone laundry results in cost savings by reducing the need for certain chemicals and hot water rinses.

Advantages of Ozone Laundry

Energy Cost Savings

Sanitization is frequently achieved through the use of hot water, but ozone is highly effective with cold water. This leads to a reduction in hot water consumption and, to a lesser extent, shorter drying times, resulting in substantial energy savings. The incorporation of ozone in the laundry process diminishes hot water usage by over 80%, leading to significant natural gas savings, as ozone demonstrates superior cleaning efficacy in low-temperature water.

Enhanced Sanitizing

Ozone kills germs, inactivates viruses, eliminates odors, and removes dirt throughout each ozonated wash cycle. It is extremely reactive and needs little contact time (it disinfects twice as fast as chlorine), which helps to shorten cycle times. It is safer than many commercial laundry detergents and is guaranteed to limit the spread of difficult-to-kill germs. Ozone Laundry System from O3EcoLaundry has undergone rigorous laboratory testing and has proven 99.999% kill rates for the most persistent infections such as MRSA, C-Diff, and Hepatitis.

Prolonging Linen Longevity

Washing with low-temperature water serves to prevent fabric shrinkage, aging, and degradation. Ozone plays a key role in expanding the weave of the fabric, reducing drying time. This accelerated processing enables linens to be used more frequently, facilitating efficient housekeeping operations with lower par levels. The utilization of ozone in laundering results in shortened washing and drying-cycle times, while its water-softening properties contribute to enhancing fabric longevity.

ozone laundry

Reduced Water Expenses

Ozone wash formulations require fewer fills and rinses. Because ozone cleaning occurs at every cycle stage, just a few steps are necessary. Once an Ozone Laundry System is installed, typical water and sewer savings vary from 30-45 percent.

Enhanced Productivity

The use of ozone laundry, resulting in quicker throughput times, enhances labor productivity and creates improved working conditions.

Decrease in Chemical Expenses

Ozone surpasses chlorine bleach in the rapid sterilization of linens when used in equal amounts. After use, ozone reverts to its pure oxygen state, leaving no chemical residue. The efficacy of ozone in disinfection is heightened as it necessitates the use of fewer chemicals in the washing process.

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